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First, if you are looking for new attractions in Cusco. And yet, it requires a nearby site and that the costs are not excessive. Well, the Trek to Tecsecocha Cliffs, which our company ATV RAINBOW MOUNTAIN has.

First, for the trek to Tecsecocha Cliffs, you have to travel to the community of Corca, about 23 km from the city of Cusco, at about 3600 m.a.s.l. About 50 minutes approx. Likewise, this site combines history and beautiful landscapes. We can find:

trek to teqsecocha cliffs

What was, or what are, the Tecsecocha Cliffs?

Studies were carried out on this site in the 20th century. Giving, as a result, that it already had human occupation since before the Incas. All this can be verified thanks to the cave paintings that are more than 2000 thousand years old. Already in the Inca era, they had a more mystical and religious use, as they were used as a cemetery or resting place for important Inca leaders. That is why you can see these bone remains, which are accompanied by offerings that are left by local people and some tourists: (beer, coca leaf, sweets, etc.)

What can you see on the Trek To Tecsecocha Cliffs?

  1. The falls:

    You can see this waterfall of more than 50 m high from the rock formation, it ends in a chacana-shaped sculpture (Andean Cross). Which represents the Andean trilogy, as well as the 3 worlds in the Andean worldview: Hanan Pacha (Condor), Kay Pacha (Puma), Uku Pacha (Amaru).

  2. Inca cemetery:

    Around the complex, we can find vestiges of a considerable cemetery, which was taken over by the Incas between 1100 and 1534 AD. Likewise, the presence of Inca roads, suggest the importance of the site in its time.

  3. Paintings:

    These paintings are located 15 minutes from the town of Ccorca and are more than 2000 years old. These figures show the representation of South American camelids, which required food for the first men who inhabited this site.

Tour Detail:


  • Start of the Tour: Our tour begins at 07:00 with the pick up at your accommodation
  • Tour Duration:  The tour lasts approximately 05 hours
  • We finish the tour at approximately 12 noon in the main square.

The languages ​​we offer on our tour are:

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese

Our transport is 100% tourist with air conditioning, first aid equipment.

PRICE (Private Tour)

  • Price per person 60 dollars
  • Yes, there are more than 4 people ask for special rates


Reservations are canceled 48 hours in advance, otherwise No Show is charged


  • We are tour operators in the city of Cusco
  • We work professionally
  • We offer 100% tourist vehicles
  • We care about the safety of our visitors
  • We make your trip the best experience
  • We are 100% responsible
  • We take care of the environment
  • We are committed to the quality of service


  • Pick up from your hotel at 7:00 am.
  • Transfer to the cliffs of Teqsecocha (Corca district) 1:20 hours.
  • Time to pack your backpack and a brief explanation from the guide.
  • We will start with our walk from the entrance of the attraction to the falls 15 min.
  • We will take some time to take the necessary photos and the explanation of the guide.
  • At the base of the cliffs we can see tombs and bone remains.
  • We will have to feed ourselves (Snack).
  • Return walking to the town of Corca.
  • Transfer from Corca to the city of Cusco, 1 hour approx.



  • Tourist transport.
  • Professional guide.
  • Snacks.
  • Walking sticks. (optional)

Not included:

  • Entry. (free)
  • Tips.


  • Mountain clothing.
  • Rain gear or short wind.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Water bottle.
  • Appetizers.
  • Photographic camera.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Extra money.

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