Rainbow Mountain Palcoyo, Stone forests

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Description of Mountain of Colors, Palcoyo.

Mountain of Colors Palcoyo ATV tour; a tourist destination released in 2018. In this space, you will enjoy a cozy atmosphere with 3 colorful mountains, accompanied by a stone forest, which makes this place very comfortable and pleasant for many travelers. In addition, you will be able to see the Vilcanota mountain range in the distance, which is impressive in the eyes of locals and strangers, also, we will enjoy a reddish landscape due to the presence of minerals in this area.

All this is a set of curious mixtures typical of nature because only she could give us curious landscapes that often escape our imagination.

Also, access to this site is much easier and friendlier, it does not require much physical effort during the tour. From the upper part, you can see the valley this place presents in the middle of mountain ranges and colored mountains.

Description of our Palcoyo ATV tour.

At the beginning, let's enjoy this adventure, called “Palcoyo in ATV”, to the other mountain of colors that exists in Cusco and not only Vinincunca Mountain. Likewise, we can glimpse up to 3 colored mountains in the middle of valleys and stone forests, and in the distance you can see the Vilcanota mountain range. However, the activity is new to this route; therefore, our guide will give all the necessary recommendations, to fully enjoy your tour, in this mountain called Palcoyo.

We begin our tour, picking up your respective hotel between 04 and 04:30 am, then. We will depart to the south of Cusco, after 01:30 a.m. we will arrive at our  Montana Restaurant for our buffet breakfast. Afterward, we will continue with our tour at approximately 01:30 a.m., until the parking lot of our ATVs, likewise, our guide will give us a brief indication about the handling of the motorcycles.

Later, we begin our tour in the middle of valleys, rivers, agricultural fields. Continuing with our itinerary after approximately 1:30 pm, we will arrive at Palcoyo where we can enjoy this wonder, there will be time to take photos, make videos and much more.

Therefore, we will return by the same route, to the motorcycle parking lot, where our tourist transport will be, and then arrive at the restaurant, where we will be waiting for a delicious buffet lunch prepared with products from the area and the region. Finally, we move to the city of Cusco, arriving at approximately 5:00 p.m., thus ending our tour.

Palcoyo today.

Certainly, there are species of flora and fauna in this valley, among the most important we have the llama, alpaca. These species are raised by local people and serve as transportation and food for them. There are also wild species such as the fox, the chinchilla, the vicuña, birds such as the Andean woodpecker, the cara-cara, huallatas and many more. As a result of the promotion of this place, there are many travelers coming to this beautiful tourist destination.

In this way, it generates an income for the local population and the communities. As in the entire region, Palcoyo has defined seasons, it is worth emphasizing that the rainy season is between the months of November and April. The last days of April and the last days of October, the entire region is in a dry and cold period. Thus, also taking into account the 4900 meters at which this site is located, it is normal to find a frigid landscape.

The birth of this madness for the mountains is a set of curious processes typical of our nature. Only she could give us such a landscape. In conclusion, more and more people are captivated by the experience of getting to know Palcoyo.

You can also be one of them, come with ATV RAINBOW MOUNTAIN WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU.

Tour Detail:


  • We leave Cusco at 03:30.
  • After 90 min, we arrived at our restaurant.
  • Breakfast buffet.
  • We headed towards the motorcycle parking lot.
  • Indications by the guide.
  • Start of the route to the control.
  • We begin the walk (60 minutes approx.) until we reach Palcoyo.
  • Our guide will explain us about this fascinating place.
  • We will have time for photos and videos.
  • We return to the ATVs.
  • Likewise, we begin the return to our tourist transport.
  • We moved to our restaurant (Buffet lunch).
  • Return to Cuzco and end of our service.



  • Tourist Transportation.
  • Professional guide.
  • ATVs.
  • Oxygen.
  • Assistance throughout the tour.
  • First aid equipment.
  • Food (1 breakfast and 1 lunch buffet).
  • Safety equipment (fractional helmet, gloves, elbow, and knee pads).
  • Walking sticks.

Not included:

  • Gratuities.
  • Drinks.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Entrance fees (Nationals and Foreigners 15 PEN).
  • These have an extra price.


  • Water poncho, in case of rain.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Hat, hat, hat, gloves, sunglasses.
  • Water bottle, snacks.
  • Camera.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Light and warm clothes
  • Small backpack.
  • Pills (if you need them).
  • Carry local currency.
  • Documents (ID or Passport).

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