The devils balcony is located 20 minutes northeast of the city of Cusco, the Devil's Balcony stands at an impressive height of 3800 meters above sea level. It is one of the many tours close to the city of Cusco, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the cultural evidence of the area while surrounded by the beauty of nature. The Balcony of the Devil is also known as the Bridge.

The balcony stands 10 meters high, constructed from a combination of granite and limestone minerals, and the lower part has been eroded by the waters of the Chakn river water, a tunnel has been created, which gives it the shape of a rock castle.

Also, the balcony has a triangular shaped window almost 2 m from side to side, resembling a room. Probably, this natural formation was an Inca or huaca shrine, to offer offerings and worship to water and Pachamama.

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devils balconyViewpoint of Chakan


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