The city of Cusco was the capital of an ancient civilization that left innumerable vestiges of its culture and incredible monuments, not to mention that it is surrounded by beautiful and imposing landscapes, incredible places that can be traveled in a different and more adventurous option, we are talking about ATV o ATVs in Cusco.

On board an ATV we can live incredible adventures in less time, taking us a great experience suitable for lovers of adventure and natural environments, now we will mention the places where you can do these incredible excursions on wheels and ATVs in Cusco and its surroundings. That is why our company ATV RAINBOW MOUNTAIN created this blog to show you the places where ATVs are made in Cusco,

ATVs in Cusco – ATV Apukunaq Tianan (Abode of the Gods)

This incredible place is located 11km from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco to the northwest, about 20 min by car, this is a Cusco enterprise created by the sculptor Michael Monteagudo Mejía, with lithic sculptures carved in the same Apu Senqa, dedicated to to animals, deities and mythical characters of our culture such as the Pachamama, the Puma, the Runa, etc.

The name of this place comes from the Quechua words “APUKUNAQ TIANAN” which translated into Spanish mean “THE DWELLING OF THE GODS”.

cuatrimotos cusco

cuatrimotos cusco

Catrimotos in Cusco – ATV Maras – Salineras – Moray

This site is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 43 km west of the city of Cusco, at an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level, in the province of Urubamba, it has a very changeable climate, (October to March rainy days and April to September sunny and clear days), perfect weather for ATVs around Cusco.

In the main square of the town of Maras there is a monument with a set of sculptures representing a couple of peasants and a mule (pack animal) referring to the agricultural and livestock activities that take place on said site. The pedestal of the monument contains images of tourist attractions in the community: the salt mines of Maras and the terraces or platforms of Moray.


To the northwest of this town are "the salt mines of Maras" which are well known. You can get there on foot along a bridle path, bicycle or you can also get there by car or Quads on a paved road.

The salt mines have 3,000 small wells with an approximate area of about 5 m² each. In times of drought these are filled with salt water that comes from a natural underground spring. When the water evaporates, the salt crystallizes and accumulates. When it reaches a height of about 10 cm from the ground, it is removed and then bagged in cloth sacks to be sent to the markets of the region; salt is an essential product in the local diet because it contains sodium chloride and other minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper.

cuatrimotos cusco


It is located to the west of the town of Maras, at 3500 meters above sea level. they are agricultural terraces built in the form of gigantic concentric circles.

Moray encloses history, tradition and landscape beauty, according to historians these constructions constituted an important agricultural laboratory of the Inca empire. Since its platforms are built with their respective irrigation canals and each of them constitutes a different microclimate with a variation of 1 °C per platform that attracts a lot of attention because they allowed the cultivation of more than 250 plant species, according to studies these platforms served as agricultural laboratory. The largest hole is 150 m deep and the average height of the platforms is 1.80 m.

It is possible to reach Moray through the road that starts from the town of Maras or directly from a detour from the main road. Moray is a sector occupied by the peasant communities of Misminay and Kaccllarakay. During the month of October, hundreds of residents of the neighboring communities attend the circular terraces of Moray to celebrate the Moray Raymi or Fiesta del Sol. The festivities include folk dances related to the land, products and agricultural work.

ATVs in Cusco – ATV Huaypo – Piuray

This beautiful lagoon with crystalline waters located in the provinces of Anta and Urubamba. Likewise, it has a great variety of species of fish and birds, as well as beautiful landscapes with mountains and eucalyptus forests that captivate the place, it is therefore highly recommended for lovers of adventure sports (paddle surfing, artisanal fishing, biking , quads, paragliding). Finally, simply go to appreciate the beauty and mysticism that surrounds this Lagoon.
A local legend tells that the sun god asked Manco Cápac that his twin sons accompany him to his sunset. But, when they went looking for them, they realized that the son who had walked the furthest had become the Huaypo Lagoon and his sister in the Piuray Lagoon. Other stories are related to sightings of extraterrestrial activity in the area and even being able to see and even have contact with UFOs, there would even be a city that on full moon days is reflected at the bottom of the lagoon.


This mystical lagoon is located to the west of the town of Chinchero, about 31 km from the city of Cusco, located in the upper part of the sacred valley of the Incas, near the Pacchaicoc ravine, at an altitude of 3450 meters above sea level. from where you can see the imposing snow-capped peaks of Soray, Verónica and Salkantay, the latter being the second highest in all of Cusco.

Likewise, she shares the legend of being the twin sister of the Huaypo lagoon. In this way it is one of the most important water sources, the reason, it provides 42% of drinking water to the Valley of Cusco.

ATVs in Cusco - ATV Vinicunca

It is better known as the Mountain of 7 Colors, Vinicunca in its Qechua language, a favorite destination for all travelers and one of the best attractions in Cusco and Peru. This place became a quite famous destination for the chromatic variety that it has with slopes and peaks dyed by strips of intense tones. With different colors, which makes the mountain of colors a unique landscape, astonishing all its visitors.

When visiting Vinicunca you also have the option of visiting an amazing landscape known as the Red Valley. This impressive site presents a chain of mountains and reddish ravines. It is called a red valley, because from the mountain of colors you can see beautiful red mountains belonging to the Vilcanota mountain range. These colors due to the presence of large amounts of oxidizing iron minerals.

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